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SKYPER®12 PF Benefits

Easy assembly, electrical robustness, and a long service life: The new SKYPER 12 press-fi t half-bridge driver was developed with these aspects in mind. It is pressed directly onto the IGBT module, which means that there are no costs for an adapter board, cable splices, and associated assembly and soldering processes.

A new generation of mixed-signal ASICs achieves a high level of integration. With 30% fewer components than available plug and play solutions, the driver improves the reliability signifi cantly. This means that safe IGBT control is ensured even for the long working lives of industrial drives.

Safe gate control

  • Reduced overvoltages with soft-off
  • Insulated over-temperature shut down
  • Primary and secondary side supplyvoltage monitoring
  • Fast Vce monitoring with MELF diodes

Robust driver technology

  • 30 % fewer components than available driver solutions
  • Stable delay times over the entire temperature rangewith mixed signal ASICs
  • MTBF Rate over 5 million hours at full load (SN29500)
  • Metal bag ASIC housing for best temperature and noise performance
  • Short-pulse suppression, robust interface and square-wave signaltransmission ensure safe gate control in noisy environments

Fast press-fit assembly

  • Direct press onto the module without adapter boards
  • Plug and play without additional modifi cation process
  • For SEMiX press-fi t and EconoDual modules

SKYPER®12 PF Key Features

  • Safe electrical insulation
  • ROHS compliant
  • UL recognised
  • SOA qualifi ed module-driver bundle
  • Dynamic short circuit protection with soft-off
  • Insulated over-temperature shut down
  • EMC optimised interface
  • Short-pulse suppression
  • Internal dead time generation
  • Insulated power supply with stabilised
    gate voltages

SKYPER®12 PF Applications

The SKYPER 12 press-fi t off ers the benefi ts of digital signal consistency while maintaining full performance. Ambitious applications such as medical, UPS, process control or industrial drives are securely powered.


Press-fit Technology

The press-fit technology utilises press-fit pins to establish the module contacts to the printed circuit board. The basic principle is the bigger latitude of the press-in zone than of the PCB hole. By the press-in process a plastic deformation of the pin results, ensuring a gas-tight contact with low-ohmic resistance. Only small insertion forces are necessary with high holding forces at the same time.