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SKYPER®12 – Drives up to 1700V and 400A

New solutions in drives focus on improving the power density and by that reducing size and cost. SKYPER12 is an IGBT driver core, smaller than a matchbox but with a 20A output stage. Thanks to a complete ground layer, adjustable input filter and optimised transformers with low coupling capacitance, the driver core can work properly in very compact designs with a high level of electromagnetic compatibility. The new ASIC chipset offers safe short circuit handling with soft switch off and fast mode detection. Thanks to integration, an MTBF rate of up to eight million hours at full load can be realised. With that feature set the SKYPER12 IGBT driver core offers the optimised platform for IGBT modules in the range from 80A - 300A. Reference circuits for SEMiX 5, MiniSKiiP Dual and SEMiX 3 Press-Fit support customers for efficient driver integration.

SKYPER®12 Key Features

  • Dynamic short circuit detection
  • Fast mode detection for safe short circuit handling
  • Smooth short circuit switch-off with separated output stage
  • Adjustable input filter time
  • dU/dt proved rectangle pulse transmission
  • Safe under-voltage switch-off with prim and sec monitoring
  • Insulated error input for over-temperature, over-voltage
  • High side, insulated power supply available

Small but strong

SKYPER 12 – small but strong
  • One copper layer for good EMC in compact inverter designs
  • New transformer for long lifetime
  • SoftOff with fast mode detection of short circuits
  • New ASIC chip-set allows up to 8 Mio hours MTBF at full load
  • 35 x 45 mm with integrated buffer capacitors
  • 40mA continuous and 20A peak output

Fast design with evaluation boards

SKYPER 12 – Fast design with evaluation boards
  • Application samples for SEMIX3 PS with integrated sigma delta ICs
  • All sensor signals can be integrated on one board
  • Reference circuits for MiniGB and SEMIX 5 modules

SKYPER®12 Portfolio

1700 V PlatformDescribtionDetailsIoutavfmaxVCE [V]Qg
L506660xSKYPER 12 PF14pin interface, Plug/Play402017008
L506690xSKYPER 12 PF C20pin interface, Plug/Play402017008
L5069901SKYPER 12Driver Core40100170015