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SKYPER® Prime Family – Drives up to 1400A and 1700V

Plug & Play driver with integrated and galvanically insulated sense signals for SEMITRANS 10 and PrimePack modules with optical or electrical interface.

SKYPER® Prime Benefits

Regenerative converters are driven by two main market requirements. Increasing the output power and reduction of cost. SKYPER Prime offers galvanically insulated and very accurate sensor signals. Thus, the customer saves the cost of external power supplies, external sensing circuits and their insulation. The sensor data is available as digital signals which can be directly fed to the customer’s controller. A / D conversions or level adjustments, which reduce the accuracy, are omitted. Thanks to this high accuracy, the customer can go to the limits of the IGBT modules.

SKYPER Prime is a fully qualified Plug and Play driver with optimised SOA characteristics. This saves costly qualification and redesign loops and at the same time offers significant performance advantages. The new SEMIKRON ASIC chipset allows for maximum integration and thus a very high reliability rate: MTBF >5million hours at full load.

To maximise the performance, a new concept has been developed for paralleling the drivers. Very accurate switching behaviour with digital signal processing, parallel fault management and symmetric signal paralleling provide maximum output power. As a new version, an optical interface is available. Additional to the switching and error signals, the temperature and DC link signals are transmitted directly to the control unit. Electrical and optical versions are available as coated types for tough applications.

SKYPER® Prime Key Features

  • Insulated DC link signal
  • Insulated temperature signal
  • Digital sensor signals for direct connection to the μC
  • Fast Vce detection
  • SoftOff with separated output stage
  • UL recognised, safe electrical insulation
  • ROHS compliant
  • Stabilised positive and negative gate voltages
  • Qualified SOA of driver + IGBT module
  • Paralleling with accurate switching
  • Internal dead time generation
  • Double side under-voltage protection
  • Short pulse suppression
  • EMC optimised layout
  • New ASIC chipset for long service life

SKYPER® Prime Applications

SKYPER Prime can drive IGBTs up to 1400A and 1700V. Thanks to its built-in sensor signal processing and the paralleling concept SKYPER Prime provides the optimum IGBT driver solution for high performance applications up to the megawatt range. Applications benefiting most from that performance and from the long service life are large power supplies and regenerative inverters. The  qualification level and the coating option allow the direct use in traction applications.

SKYPER® Prime Portfolio

SKYPER Prime L506680x

Module type: electrical 20pin interface
IC [A]up to 1400
VCE [V]up to 1700

SKYPER Prime O L506810x

Module type: optical interface
IC [A]up to 1400
VCE [V]up to 1700

Maximum Output Power with Highly Accurate Sense and Switching Signals

Insulated and digitised sense signals

  • Digital sensor signals allow direct μC connection
  • No external insulation nor supply, saves costs at system level
  • Temperature and DC link signals for maximum protection
  • High accuracy <2%
  • Fast detection with 2kHz bandwidth
  • Optical and electrical interface for all signals

Approved SOA for maximum safety

  • Qualified driver module bundle provides a maximum safe operation area (SOA) without limits by clamping
  • The module-optimised driver settings reduce switching losses significantly
  • Plug & Play principle saves approval and modification processes at customer side
  • New markets, new applications can be entered fast and without risk

Application proved design

  • Full coating of both sides available
  • Mechanics, lifetime and EMC are qualified according to traction applications
  • Sensor signal performance validated for efficient control

SKYPER® Prime Performance

Power supply voltageVs15V
Collector emitter voltageVCEup to 1700V
Collector currentICup to 1400A
Peak output / channelIoutpeak30A
Gate voltage stabilisedVG+15V/-8V
Gate chargeQG17μC
MTBF (SN29500)>5 x 106 hours
Accuracy DC Link<2%
Interface of sense signalsModulated, electrically or optically
Insulation of sense signalsGalvanically insulated