SKB 26

Bridge Rectifier Modules
Case G 50a (29x29x10)

Part Number 07221500;07221510;07200180;07221630;07221520;07221530;07221540;07641050
Product Status In production
Housing Case G 50a
(LLxBBxHH) 29x29x10
Switches 4
VRRM / VDRM in V 200-2000
ID in A 18
IFSM / ITSM in A 320

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SEMIKRON Case G 50a (29x29x10)


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SKB 26 Features

  • Square plastic case with isolated metal base plate and wire leads
  • Ideal for printed circuit boards
  • Blocking voltage up to 1600 V
  • High surge currents
  • Notch moulded in casing for easy polarity identification
  • Easy chassis mounting

SKB 26 Target Applications

  • Single phase rectifiers for power supplies
  • Input rectifiers for variable frequency drives
  • Rectifiers for DC motor field supplies
  • Battery charge rectifiers
  • Recommended snubber network: RC: 0.1 µF, 50 Ω (P R = 1 W)

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