SKN 141F

Diode Discretes
E31 (47SW24M12)

Part Number 02238620;02238630;02636150;02238600;02238610
Product Status In production
Housing Stud Screw Fit Diodes
VRRM / VDRM in V 1200-1700
IF / IT in A 140
IFSM / ITSM in A 2500
Technology Fast recovery

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SEMIKRON E31 (47SW24M12)


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SKN 141F Features

  • Small recovered charge
  • Soft recovery
  • Hermetic metal case with glass insulator
  • Threaded stud M12
  • SKN: anode to stud

SKN 141F Target Applications

  • Inverse diode for GTO and asymmetric thyristor
  • Inverters and choppers
  • A.C. motor control
  • Uniterruptible power supplies (UPS)

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