SKNa 402

Diode Discretes
E46 (250SW41M24)

Part Number 02632400;02632410;02632680;02632690;02632700;02632710;02632720
Product Status In production
Housing Stud Screw Fit Diodes
VRRM / VDRM in V 3600-5000
IF / IT in A 400
IFSM / ITSM in A 7800
Technology Avalanche

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SEMIKRON E46 (250SW41M24)


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SKNa 402 Features

  • Avalanche type reverse characteristic
  • Reverse voltages up to 5000 V
  • Hermetic metal case with ceramic insulator and extra long creepage distances
  • Threaded stud ISO M24 x 1,5
  • Cooling via heatsinks
  • SKN: Anode to stud

SKNa 402 Target Applications

  • High voltage rectifier diode for traction and heavy duty applications
  • Series connections for high voltage applications
  • Non-controllable and half-controllable rectifiers
  • Free-wheeling diodes

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