SKT 493

Thyristor Discretes
B11a (D41x14)

Part Number 01636431;01631651;01631661;01636441;01631671;01641250;01636451
Product Status Not for new designs
Housing Capsule Thyristor
VRRM / VDRM in V 400-1800
IF / IT in A 490
IFSM / ITSM in A 7000
Technology Thyristor

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SEMIKRON B11a (D41x14)


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SKT 493 Features

  • Hermetic metal case with epoxy insulator
  • Capsule package for double sided cooling
  • Shallow design with single sided cooling
  • Off-state and reverse voltages up to 1800 V
  • Amplifying gate

SKT 493 Target Applications

  • DC motor control (e. g. for machine tools)
  • Controlled rectifiers (e. g. for battery charging)
  • AC controllers (e. g. for temperature control)
  • Soft Starters for AC motors

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