IGBT NPC inverter up to 1.5MVA


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SEMIKUBE® MLI – All the SEMIKUBE Experience in a Compact Design

Benefit from the SEMIKUBE experience and discover the new SEMIKRON MLI. Powerful, compact, precise, long lifetime – these are the attributes of the SEMIKUBE MLI.


SEMIKUBE MLI is designed to fit high power air and water cooled applications. Suitable for outdoor cabinets, this platform can be placed in environments subject to high temperature fluctuations. The platform design facilitates cabinet integration owing to the separation of the main cooling air flow through the heatsink and its IP54 rated mounting flange.

Extending the SEMIKUBE portfolio, the SEMIKUBE MLI is able to operate up to 1500VDC,/1000VAC. This pre-qualified power assembly meets the rigorous SEMIKRON qualification and certifications. The platform integrates advanced technologies, which maximize performance and power density, and safe operation thanks to its switching pattern control.

SEMIKUBE® MLI Key Features

  • Air and water cooled IGBT power assembly
  • Power density up to 7 kVA/L
  • Modular design per phase for easier handling
  • Maximum output current up to 900A
  • Switching frequency up to 15kHz
  • AC output voltage up to 1000VAC
  • DC bus voltage up to 1500VDC
  • Current measurement accuracy <2%
  • THEATSINK, VBUS, IOUT : analogue measurement
  • Operating temperature range: -25°C to +55°C
  • IP54 mounting
  • IEC 62109-1, IEC62477-1 ready
  • CAN interface for settings and error diagnostic

SEMIKUBE® MLI Applications

SEMIKUBE MLI is optimized for solar central inverters and energy storage applications. Designed for the high power range above 1MW, the SEMIKUBE MLI 3-phase inverter operates up to 1500VDC bus voltage with the NPC topology using 1200V devices. Designed in accordance with IEC 62109, and 62477-1. The modular design, with front access for the power connections, simplifies integration of the electrical power distribution arrangement inside the cabinet. The current measurement precision of 2% (at 25°C) allows for control required for highly quality energy applications.

SEMIKUBE® MLI Product Range

The SEMIKUBE MLI offers continuous rated current up to 900A, using 1200V SEMITRANS 10 devices. The IGBTs are switched using a SEMIKRON embedded driver, which provides gate signals, control and error management, as well as analogue measurements of current, DC voltage and heatsink temperature. A CAN interface is available for parameter configuration and diagnostics monitoring. Custom factory settings to meet specific application requirements can also be set via the CAN interface during manufacturing. Air cooling for SEMIKUBE MLI is provided by highly efficient, long life centrifugal fans, realizing maximum power within a compact package.


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Compact, easy integration

Easy Integration

Slim profile, easy integration
  • DC and AC power connection at front
  • Heat sink cooling separate from component side
  • Fully integrated safety management

System Integration

SEMICUBE cabinet integration
  • <2% current sensing accuracy at 25°C, from IOUT (phase) to driver IOUT analogue current output
  • parameter setting and error diagnostic by CAN 
  • 1.5MW Solar inverter within 800mmx600mm footprint cabinet
  • IP54 separation with cooling air