The automotive power module platform

eMPack® - Concept for the Future of eMobility with High-Performance Power Electronics

The transition of complete car platforms to full electric battery vehicle architectures is progressing rapidly. These architectures will demand scalable power electronics solutions for electric drive systems (EDS) that are capable of realizing a wide performance range in an economic way, resulting in an important competitive advantage to vehicle manufacturers.

SEMIKRON’s new power module platform eMPack, which is based on a single module concept, is in development for EDS inverter architectures covering a power range from 100kW up to 750kW. eMPack covers 400V and 800V battery system applications and is available in Silicon IGBT as well Silicon Carbide MOSFET technology.

The combination of Silicon Carbide technology with SEMIKRON’s fully sintered, low stray inductance Direct Pressed Die Technology (DPD) enables unmatched power densities combined with high reliability for automotive application.

Key Factors

  • Silicon Carbide MOSFET and Silicon IGBT options
  • 750V/1200V compatible package delivering up to 900ARMS
  • Double Sided Sintering package enabling automotive grade reliability
  • Low thermal resistance thanks to DPD technology
  • Flexible cooler arrangements
  • 2.5nH package stray inductance including terminals
  • Simplified mounting concept all from top

eMPack® Power Module with DPD Technology 

eMPack®  – Technology Driving eMobility

Getting Started with the eMPack® Application Kit

SEMIKRON set up an Application Kit for eMPack modules for evaluation purposes. It helps users to run performance measurements in the lab, build up first demonstration inverters, adjust control algorithms and give some guidance how to build an automotive inverter.

Using the eMPack Application Kit brings the following major advantages:

  • No waste of time for developing own adaptor PCBs
  • No need for configuration of any kind (e.g. gate resistors)
  • Plug & Play - Test engineers can plug the Application Kit and start measurements

 Technical Explanation

eMPack® Webinars

Building Highly Effcient Traction Inverters

Scalable, compact, highly reliable, efficient... these are some of the attributes passenger car manufactures require for e-drive system power electronics. The eMPack power module family based on fully sintered direct pressed technology (DPD) is addressing these requirements.

Benefits of Using the eMPack® Application Kit

SEMIKRON's Application Kits offer an easy way to get started with the eMPack in a short time in the customer's lab. Available for different semiconductor technologies and blocking voltages the Application Kits are the perfect tool to evaluate different power ratings and semiconductor technologies.