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SKiiP® X – 3-phase, Back2Back and more Ranging from 1MW to 6MW

Increased power ratings combined with the demand for maximum reliability and robustness are the driving forces behind new inverters in the wind power industry. SEMIKRON’s new SKiiP X is setting a new standard for power density, robustness, reliability and flexibility. The enhanced functionality provides detailed information read-out and parameterization capability.

SKiiP® X Benefits

Under harsh climatic conditions secondary damage caused by moisture is one of the most common root causes of power module failure. In general, the power stage has to meet ever increasing robustness and reliability requirements, especially in off-shore applications. This is where the Intelligent Power Module SKiiP X comes in. This new IPM is designed for extended climatic conditions and allows for condensation during operation. The encapsulated integrated gate driver, the SKiiP X power stage and the closed cooling system are fully tested, the result being a burn-in tested system with lower design and integration requirements.

SKiiP® X Key Features

  • 3-phase inverter from 1MW to 6MW
  • High-power density and minimum system costs
  • 50% lower part count - excellent MTBF
  • 3-phase Back2Back and 7in1 solutions
  • Maximum environmental protection IP54
  • Scalable building blocks for all power ranges
  • 5.XMW 4-Q inverter in a single cabinet
  • Absolute benchmark in power density and reliability
  • Flexible configuration option
  • IP54/PD3: Condensation allowed during operation

SKiiP® X Applications

SKiiP X meets the industry’s requirements specifically for watercooled high-power applications such as wind turbines and large propulsion motor drive systems over a wide power range from 1 to 6MW in 3-phase, Back2Back, 7in1 and many more configurations. The SKiiP X fits into any water-cooled high-power application where compact units are needed and performance, reliability, robustness and functionality are of the essence. The modular “blade” design is based on a simple repair concept where the modular blades are replaced without coming into contact with thermal grease. Owing to the ongoing communication between the blades and the central control unit, blade replacement may be done by authorised personnel only, with any change authorised via the integrated digital serial interface.

SKiiP® X Product Range

SKiiP 121XGD17E4-6DW (6-blades)

  • 3-phase IPM
  • Pout = 2000kW
  • IRMS = 2000A

SKiiP 181XGD17E4-9DW (9-blades)

  • 3-phase IPM
  • Pout = 3000kW
  • IRMS = 3000A

5.XMW 4-Q Inverter in a Single Cabinet

Compactness and simple system integration

  • The photo shows a concept proposal for a complete cabinet incl. cabling, cooling and current sensors for reference
  • 5MW converter, inverter in a single 600mm x 800mm x 2000mm cabinet
  • Absolute benchmark in FIT, 50% lower than existing solutions
  • Fully assembled and tested IPM, compact and low-inductance DC link assembly supported
  • Climatic conditions 3K4 / pollution degree III: condensation and pollution allowed during operation, reduced climatic control requirements inside the cabinet

Stack solution proposal with current sensor and DC-link capacitors

  • Unprecedented compactness and service friendliness
  • Stack plug-in 3MW, 3-phase converter
  • Suitable for 600mm x 800mm x 2000mm cabinet size
  • Safe galvanic isolation of primary output, no need for controller-side isolation



Robustness, performance and safety

  • Three integrated DPS5 power stages with SKiiP tried and tested pressure system for high reliability and high power density
  • Each blade with full galvanic isolation including substrate temperature sensing
  • High-performance cooler with optimized Rth vs. flow rate design
  • Only ONE inlet and ONE outlet connection for the entire power stage
  • Constant operation up to 70°C ambient temperature, reducing cooling needs
  • Authorized service and exchange of blades guaranteed thanks to unique software locking function



ConfigurationPout, kW*IRMS, A*
3-phase IPM3 x 2 blades20002000
3 x 3 blades30003000
3 x 4 blades40004000
2 x 3-phase IPM2 x (3x2) blades (Back2Back)20002000
4-phase IPM3 x 3 blades + 3 blades30003000
6/7-phase IPM7 blades (Back2Back+Br)10001000
1-phase IPM1 x 6 blades60006000

* For 3-phase applications, Pout and IRMS – electrical and thermal conditions apply