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SKiiP® X – 3-phase inverter from 1MW up to 6MW

Increased power ratings combined with a demand for highest reliability and robustness are the driver for new inverters in the wind power industry. With the SKiiP X SEMIKRON is setting a new standard regarding power density, robustness and reliability.

SKiiP® X Benefits

Under harsh climatic conditions, secondary damages caused by moisture rank among the most common causes of power modules failures. Generally, the requirements increase in terms of robustness and reliability. The new IGBT module SKiiP X is designed for extreme climatic conditions and allows condensation during operation. Furthermore, an integrated gate driver and closed cooling system combine as a fully tested system, reducing the design and integration effort.

SKiiP® X Key Features

  • 3-phase inverter from 1MW to 6MW (Scalable building blocks for all power ranges)
  • 50% less volume (3.3MW 4-Q inverter in a single cabinet)
  • 50% fewer parts (Absolute benchmark in FIT)
  • SKiN Technology (1 million load cycles @ΔT 70 K)
  • Maximum environmental protection (Condensation allowed)

SKiiP® X Applications

SKiiP X meets the requirements specifically for wind turbines in a power range of 1 to 6MW in an outstanding way. Besides wind power applications, SKiiP X fits in every high power application where the focus is on reliability and robustness such as industrial drives and solar.

SKiiP® X Product Range

SKiiP X will be available in different topologies and power ratings up to 6 MW.

SKiiP 121XGD17E4-6DW (6-blades)

  • 3-phase IPM
  • Pout = 1100kW
  • IRMS = 1080A
  • SKiN 180A

SKiiP 181XGD17E4-9DW (9-blades)

  • 3-phase IPM
  • Pout = 1650kW
  • IRMS = 1620A
  • SKiN 180A

3.3 MW 4-Q Inverter in a Single Cabinet

Robustness is our maxim

  • Three assembled 180A SKiN units for extended lifetime and high power density
  • Each blade is fully galvanically isolated including temperature detection
  • No bond wires, no solder – ten times higher load cycle capability
  • Integrated and closed cooling system
  • Constant operation up to 70°C ambient temperature, requires less cooling effort



SKiN® Technology – wire bond-free

In 2011 SEMIKRON presented the SKiN technology which comprises the consistent application of the sintering technology on all material combinations infl uenced by load-cycling in a power module: All soldering and bond connections are replaced by sintered compositions. A single SKiN units provides a half bridge confi guration with an output current of 180ARMS including a temperature sensor.

  • One phase 1700V 180ARMS
  • 200.000 power cycles at delta T 110°C
  • 100% solder-free thanks to SKiNTER technology
  • 100% free of bond wires thanks to flex foil and top side sintering

learn more about SKiN technology

The latest in performance standards

  • Complete cabinet incl. cabling, cooling and current sensors
  • 3.3 MW converter, inverter in one 600mm x 800mm x 2000mm cabinet
  • Absolute benchmark in FIT, 50% less compared to today‘s solutions
  • Climatic conditions 3K4 / pollution degree III condensation and pollution allowed during operation, less effort for climatic control inside cabinet
  • Fully assembled and tested IPM compact and low inductive DC link assembly supported



First-rate components in a first-rate product

  • More than 13.2kVA/litre, only 125 litre for 1.65MW 3-phase inverter incl. DC-link
  • Stack plug-in 1.65MW 3-phase converter
  • Suitable for 600mm x 800mm x 2000mm cabinet size
  • Safely galvanically separated primary output, no need for controller-side isolation