SKiM® 4/5

Broad portfolio of 3-Level and sixpack modules for solder-free mounting


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SKiM® 4/5 Benefits

Over 10 years of field experience confirms SKiM 4/5 reliability. The baseplate-less design and homogeneous pressure on the DBC allow high load-cycle capability and low thermal resistance to the cooler. The symmetrical layout ensures very low stray inductance.

SKiM® 4/5 Key Features

  • Reliable design
  • Baseplate-less design
  • Solder-free driver mounting with spring connection
  • EMC shielding to driver board
  • Low inductance design thanks to symmetrical layout
  • Sixpack, MLI and TMLI configuration

SKiM® 4/5 Applications

SKiM 4/5 technology is ideal for ambitious applications such as solar and UPS. The broad portfolio of 3-level IGBT modules enables a modular converter design with low THD and low filter efforts.



SKiM® 4/5 Product Range

The SKiM 4/5 modules are available as sixpack, MLI and TMLI configuration from 200A to 600A. SKYPER Driver solutions and an optimized water cooler are available for fast, user-friendly evaluation of SKiM 4/5 modules.

SKiM® IGBT Modules

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