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SemiSel V4 will be switched off on 31 March 2021

Due to safety reasons, SemiSel V4 will be switched off soon. Please finish your projects and, if necessary, save your stored simulations as a PDF on your hard drive. There is no forward compatibility between the stored calculations from SemiSel V4 to V5.

For future simulations, please use our new SemiSel V5.

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Number of parallel devices on the same heat sink

Number of switches per heat sink

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The risk arising from variations in both component and electrical circuit parameters should be considered in proper circuit design. These facts are only a few of the many points that need to be considered when developing a power electronics system. And this is where efficient support is provided by SemiSel to enable developers to make the right decision. SemiSel is still the most comprehensive free tool of its kind that can be used to investigate different power electronic circuits under different operating conditions. This programme has been available online since 2001, and it has been continually improved and expanded since its introduction. It provides a good compromise of user-friendliness, applications and speed. The calculation functions range from product proposal for nominal operating conditions to drivers and heat sink specifications and product selections for specific overload conditions and complex calculations, such as complete load cycles that take into account temperature cycling problems.