SKHI 10/17 R


Part Number L5002256
Product Status In production
Housing Plug and Play
Switches Single Switch
VCE 1700
IoutPEAK in A 8

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SEMIKRON (124x66)
SEMIKRON PCB Single Switch


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SKHI 10/17 R Features

  • Single driver circuit for high power IGBTs
  • SKHI 10/17 drives all SEMIKRON IGBTs with VCES up to 1700 V (factory adjustment of VCES-monitoring for 1700V-IGBT)
  • CMOS/TTL (HCMOS) compatible input buffers
  • Short circuit protection by VCE monitoring
  • Soft short circuit turn-off
  • Isolation due to transformers (no opto couplers)
  • Supply undervoltage monitoring (< 13 V)

SKHI 10/17 R Target Applications

  • High frequency SMPS
  • Braking choppers
  • Asymmetrical bridges
  • High power UPS

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