SKKT 460/22 E H4

Thyristor / Diode Modules
SEMIPACK 5 (150x60x52)

Part Number 07898715
Product Status In production
Housing SEMIPACK 5
(LLxBBxHH) 150x60x52
Switches 2
VRRM / VDRM in V 2200
ITAV / IFAV in A 460
IFSM / ITSM in A 15500

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SKKT 460/22 E H4 Features

  • Heat transfer through aluminium nitride ceramic isolated metal baseplate
  • Precious metal pressure contacts for high reliability
  • Thyristor with amplifying gate
  • UL recognized, file no. E 63 532

SKKT 460/22 E H4 Target Applications

  • AC motor softstarters
  • Input converters for AC inverter drives
  • DC motor control (e.g. for machine tools)
  • Temperature control (e.g. for ovens, chemical, processes)
  • Professionals light dimming (studios, theaters)

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