Nuremberg, 15th December 2014 - SEMiX®5 completes the  SEMiX® product family between 50kW and 350kW for 650V, 1200V and 1700V applications. The baseplate module features rugged power terminals with 17mm height and Press-Fit contacts for a low cost solder-free assembly of the gate driver. A significantly reduced stray inductance allows for higher operating safety and lower module losses, supporting highly efficient solutions in UPS, solar, power supplies and motor drive applications.

The Press-Fit contacts provide for a fast and solder-free driver board assembly, increasing reliability and reducing mounting cost. The housing features rugged moulded power terminals for excellent mechanical stability, making the SEMiX®5 ideal for robust and compact inverters at optimised system costs. The internal layout is optimised for high thermal conductivity and a homogenous temperature distribution, which  reduces the risk of hotspots by lowering the thermal coupling between adjacent chips. As a consequence, the operating temperatures are reduced, thus enhancing the product lifetime.
The newly designed internal layout also provides higher flexibility for different architectures and topologies, giving room for a large power range and a broad variety of sixpack, NPC, T-NPC and customer specific topologies. The superior heat management, together with the integration of latest chip technologies allows to offer SEMiX®5  in the most comprehensive product range for 2-level and 3-level configurations, addressing a wide range of applications in  UPS, solar, power supplies and motor drives.

The product portfolio offers:

  • 6-pack IGBT configurations up to 300A/650V, 200A/1200V and 150A/1700V
  • 3-level NPC type up to 400A/650V
  • T-type NPC 3-level configurations 650V/1200V up to 400A, 1200V/1200V up to 300A with common collector connection in the neutral clamp leg for easy external parallel connection of modules
  • double boost converter up to 400A/650V

Besides the mentioned configurations, SEMiX®5 is open to customer specific topologies, addressing the market needs for innovation and differentiation. Read more


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