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SKYPER® Benefits

High reliability and low maintenance save operating costs during the inverter’s lifetime. Developed to meet this objective the SKYPER driver comes with highly integrated ASIC technology providing safe IGBT gate control throughout the entire lifecycle. Separate error channels and a tailor-made error management master short circuit conditions either in standard or multilevel applications. SoftOff and over voltage feedback help to prevent from dangerous conditions during turn-off. The mixed signal ASICs guarantee minimum tolerances within the entire temperature range. With an optimized interface and the adjustable filter setting, the SKYPER IGBT driver family is robust against external interference over 100% of IEC standards. Many adaptor boards and application samples are available for almost all standard power modules ensuring easy testing and commissioning of any SEMIKRON IGBT driver.

SKYPER® Short Facts

  • Suitable for multilevel, Generation 7 IGBT and 1500VDC application
  • Safe gate control due to robust magnetic rectangle signal transmission
  • Software based 3D verification of clearance and creepage distance
  • MTBF rate of 12 x 106 hours (SN29500) due to highly integrated SEMIKRON ASIC technology

SKYPER® Key Features

  • Two channel drivers for IGBT single and half-bridges
  • For 600V, 1200V and 1700V IGBT modules
  • Up to 4.2W & 35Apk output per channel
  • Suitable for 1500VDC operating voltage
  • 100% isolation test of signal and power transformers
  • Adjustable filter and failure management
  • Customized Plug-and-Play drivers and adapter boards on request

SKYPER® Applications

The SKYPER IGBT driver family offers a solution for the entire industrial market and provides suitable drivers for inverter designs from several kW to the lower MW range.

Within the SKYPER IGBT driver family, the new PV-solar-driver cores set standards for compact driver designs suitable for 1500VDC operating voltage at up to 100kHz switching frequency. The SKYPER 12 PV R with its unrivalled compactness delivers 20A output peak current and 1.25W output power per channel and is SEMIKRON’s recommendation for space saving inverter solutions in photovoltaic and energy storage applications. High power wind, photovoltaic or energy storage applications require a powerful driver core able to meet the challenging conditions of multilevel applications and modules equipped with the Generation 7 IGBT.

Especially developed to master these power requirements, the new SKYPER 42 LJ PV provides 35A output peak current, 4.2W output power and supports multilevel specific safe turn-off strategies.

SKYPER® Product Range

The SKYPER drivers are available as IGBT driver cores and Plug-and-Play drivers. The SKYPER platform can drive 600V, 1200V and 1700V IGBT modules and operates under harsh application conditions such as DC-Link voltages of up to 1500V and ambient temperatures of up to 105°C. Accessories like adapter boards and application samples for easy testing and commissioning of SEMIKRON’s driver complete the portfolio.


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