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SKYPER® Benefits

The high integration of SEMIKRON’s new ASIC chipset provides for safe IGBT gate control over the whole lifecycle. Short circuits are managed very fast by separate error channels. SoftOff and over voltage feedback avoid dangerous overvoltages. The mixed signal ASICs guarantee lowest tolerances over the full temperature range. MLI or paralleled IGBT topologies are managed by the adjustable error handling. With an optimized interface and the adjustable filter setting the SKYPER IGBT driver survives external interferences over 100% of EN standards.

SKYPER® Key Features

  • Two driver channels for IGBT single and half bridges
  • For 600V, 1200V and 1700V IGBT modules
  • Driving up to 2500A
  • Short pulse suppression and EMC cage
  • SoftOff and separate error channels
  • Adjustable filter and failure management
  • Customized adapter boards on request

SKYPER® Applications

The new SKYPER 42 LJ offers the benefits of digital signal consistency while maintaining full performance. Ambitious applications such as medical or large drives up to 300kW are securely powered. SKYPER 32 is the perfect solution for industrial drives and process control applications. SKYPER 42 meets the requirements of induction heating / welding applications that call for high currents, durable solar inverters and motor drives between 300kW and 1.5MW. SKYPER Prime drives Primepack and SEMITRANS 10 modules up to 1700V and 1400A. The new SKYPER 12 PF is the benchmark for motor drives applications based on 17mm press fit modules.

SKYPER® Product Range

The SKYPER drivers are available as IGBT driver cores and plug and play driver. The SKYPER platform can drive 600V, 1200V and 1700V IGBT modules. SKYPER 32 drives with a standard and a PRO version 1W per channel. The PRO version has additional protection features like external failure inputs and SoftOff. The SKYPER 42 has 4W per channel and can drive up to 2500A IGBTs. The SKYPER 42 LJ with 2W per channel closes the gap between SKYPER 32 and 42. With the new ASIC chipset, the fast failure management and the consistent signal conditioning the 42LJ is the latest driver core of SEMIRKON. The latest IGBT drivers are SKYPER Prime and SKYPER 12 PF. Both offer as fully qualified Plug & Play driver maximum performance when using SEMiX P or SEMITRANS 10 modules.


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