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 Modules with pre-applied thermal interface materials


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Optimized thickness, easy mounting, long term reliability

SEMIKRON was the first power module manufacturer on the market to offer power modules with pre-applied thermal interface material. With more than two decades of field experience and more than ten million pre-printed modules in the field, benchmarks are being set. The modules with pre-applied TIM are printed in a clean environment on an automated and SPC controlled silk screen and stencil printing line. Based on different application requirements and different environmental conditions, SEMIKRON offers a broad range of thermal interface materials. In addition to a standard silicone-based and a silicone-free thermal grease, a phase change material and the new high performance thermal paste with improved thermal performance are also available. SEMIKRON has formulated a clear strategy to the effect that phase change materials will be applied on modules with baseplates only and thermal grease on modules without a baseplate.