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Application Manual Power Semiconductors

IGBT's and MOSFET's integrated in power modules are the key components of power electronic circuits today and are continuously finding their way into new fields of application. This goes hand in hand with the ever increasing call for line rectifier diodes and thyristors as a cost effective way of connecting the circuits
to the power grid. The aim of the application manual is to provide users with support in selecting and using such devices.

465 pages of comprehensive power semiconductor knowledge

The manual contains basic background knowledge on semiconductors in order to enable a better understanding of application possibilities and limits. More in-depth explanations are given on packaging and assembly technologies, because of the major influence they have on module properties and limitations in field applications. Statements on reliability data, life cycle analyses and key test processes round off the chapter. The Application Manual also explains the structure of datasheets and provides notes to help users better understand datasheet parameters.

The Application Manual contains detailed application-related information on electrical configuration under important operating conditions, driver and protection elements for semiconductors; thermal dimensioning and cooling, tips on parallel and series connection, assembly tips for optimized power layouts with regard to parasitic elements and the requirements arising from specific ambient conditions.

This book is written for users and provides help with component selection and design-in work. It couples a vast wealth of experience with detailed practical knowledge, the result being a vast pool of information which up till now has been spread across various individual articles or in the minds of experts only.