Rectifier Bridges

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Rectifier Bridges

Single- and 3-phase isolated rectifier bridges for low to medium power applications. Standard and special topologies are available in various case and terminal designs. For voltages ranging from 200V to 2200V and currents ranging from 9A to 83A.

Rectifier Bridges Benefits

When performance, space and fast production are paramount, SEMIKRON rectifier bridges are the solution in many applications.

Single- or 3-phase topologies are available in isolated, compact cases. Whether your preference is solder-based connection, mechanical screw connections, fast-on connectors or busbars, SEMIKRON has the right product for you.

Rectifier Bridges Key Features

  • Recommended for forced and natural air cooling
  • Easy mounting with or without heatsink
  • Insulated case
  • High surge current
  • Fast-on, screw or lead connectors

Rectifier Bridges Applications

Key applications include battery chargers, motor drive input rectifiers, power supplies and rectifiers for DC motor field control for natural convection or forced cooling.

Rectifier Bridges Product Range

1Ø Leaded/solder bridges:9A to 25A200V to 2000V
1Ø Fast-on bridges:17A to 35A100V to 1600V
1Ø Screw power bridges:up to 30A200V to 1600V
3Ø Leaded/solder bridges:9A to 83A400V to 2200V
3Ø Fast-on bridges:20A to 50A200V to 1800V
3Ø Screw power bridges:up to 30A200V to 1600V

Rectifier Bridges

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