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Maximise your power


Thanks to its easy assembly concept, MiniSKiiP knows no bounds when it comes to new applications and markets. The MiniSKiiP Dual Split MLI offers the most powerful baseplate-less string inverter design available and is ready for 1500V DC bus voltage… read more

Full SiC Performance in Power Modules


Discrete devices such as the TO-247 are fine as a first step towards integrating silicon carbide into various applications, but for more powerful and sophisticated designs, the integration capabilities of power modules make them the first choice. read more

IGBT switching with cable load


Datasheet switching losses of IGBTs and their freewheeling diodes are determined in a double pulse test with a purely inductive load. This closely resembles the application conditions in most cases and is therefore also set out in the applicable… read more

Module solutions for 1500V solar inverters


By increasing the maximum DC Voltage of a solar inverter from 1000V to 1500V PV power plants become more cost effective. However, this voltage jump requires careful consideration when selecting power modules and converter topologies. read more

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Advanced power modules


The electro-mobility market has started to take off, the total electric vehicle stock – this comprises battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles – exceeded two million units during 2016. Especially in China this market development is heavily… read more

Power electronics


Marine electric vehicles is a fast growing market driven by new capability, affordability and legislation that restricts or bans the use of combustion engines in certain areas. The market for electric driven vessels, including installations on and… read more

MiniSKiiP - The Power Density Master for Motor Drives


Reducing system cost by maximizing the output power density is one of the major demands on power modules today, especially in cost-sensitive market segments like Motor Drive applications. One key to more power, is optimising the thermal resistance… read more

GDO AC inverter design


The concept is ready. Motor, battery, safety system – everything is there. Only the inverter needs to be chosen. That is, where it becomes difficult. You are looking for a MOSFET based AC-inverter that neatly integrates into your plans but you are… read more