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MiniSKiiP - The Power Density Master for Motor Drives

Product, Article categories

Reducing system cost by maximizing the output power density is one of the major demands on power modules today, especially in cost-sensitive market segments like Motor Drive applications. One key to more power, is optimising the thermal resistance… read more

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New packaging technology to achieve higher performance

Product, Technologies

An important characteristic of power semiconductor modules, such as those used in electric drives, wind power and solar systems, is the thermal resistance between the semiconductor and heatsink. A new packaging technology, which replaces solder… read more

Optimisation by integration

Product, Applications, Technologies

Power modules with integrated shunt resistors help to reduce system costs. Today, the market for variable speed drives offers a large number of devices which are functionally similar, fulfil all the minimum requirements and are therefore more or… read more

Pimp your electric drive


The electrification trend in the on-road public transportation continues. Especially in China the plug-in-hybrid bus (PHEB) and the battery electric bus (BEB) take a significant part of new vehicle admissions covering more and more share of the… read more

No need for external sensors in new inverter generations


When it comes to trends in the power electronics sector, the pace of change is accelerating, with different emphasis being placed on key factors such as power density, performance or reliability, depending on the final application. One requirement… read more

Is Only Full SiC the „Real“ SiC?

Product, Technologies

Whenever we talk about Silicon Carbide and its applications, our thoughts jump to Silicon Carbide MOSFET power modules, the so called “Full SiC” module. This mental bridge is the result of the well-known dynamic performances of a SiC MOSFET. Unipolar… read more

MOS inverter boost

Product, Technologies

New battery technology in EV systems means the rules for nominal operating voltages have changed, with new opportunities to boost the power supported by the MOS inverter. read more

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