Hybrid Silicon Carbide Power Modules

Power modules with IGBTs and silicon carbide Schottky diodes

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Hybrid Silicon Carbide Modules for Maximum Energy Efficiency

SEMIKRON offers hybrid silicon carbide power modules in MiniSKiiP, SEMITOP, SEMITRANS, SEMiX 3 Press-Fit and SKiM63/93. The latest IGBT technology is combined with SiC Schottky diodes from leading suppliers to increase the switching frequency and reduce power losses at the same time. The hybrid silicon carbide power modules are available from 50A to 600A in 1200V in sixpack, half-bridge and chopper topologies.

SiC Schottky freewheeling diodes have virtually no switching losses and reduce the turn-on losses of the IGBT drastically. With these effects, higher switching frequencies can be achieved in the same module package, which efficiently lowers the filter needs on the output side, for example, of solar inverters, UPS systems or high frequency power supplies. Higher output powers than with standard silicon power modules can also be achieved.