Air-Cooled IGBT Stacks

IGBT Converter Family up to 1MVA Standards for Air-Cooled Inverter


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Air-Cooled IGBT Stacks Benefits

The SEMIKUBE platform is a family of pre-qualified power assemblies which are in line with the rigorous SEMIKRON qualification tests and certifications. The platform integrates advanced technologies which maximize performance and power density. SEMIKUBE, thanks to its modular design and patented DC connections allows for designs in various converter power ranges.

Air-Cooled IGBT Stacks Product Family


SEMIKUBE is based on SEMIKRONs 1200V and 1700V SEMITRANS 62mm industrial standard modules. The SEMIKUBE stacks are available in 3 different sizes up to 900kW. Sensors for feedback signals of DC-Voltage, temperature and output currents are already integrated. The SEMIKUBE Power Stacks fulfill international standards and are recognized according UL.


Extending the SEMIKUBE portfolio, the SEMIKUBE SlimLine platform is a family of pre-qualified power assemblies which follow the same rigorous SEMIKRON qualification and certifications. The platform integrates advanced technologies which maximize performance and power density. SEMIKUBE SlimLine platform has been designed to fit applications in severe environments.

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Following the solar trend to increase DC voltage, SEMIKUBE extends its range with a 1300A, 2-level inverter, able to operate up to 1500V. Using state-of-the-art IntelliOff driving technology, the inverter provides safe operation under all conditions. The high robustness of the CAL diode against cosmic rays, gives a very low failure rate.

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One of the main requirements for the widespread use of electric vehicles is having an accessible EV charging infrastructure. Governments and industries worldwide are preparing to invest in the charging infrastructure. The critical points in the product decision are costs, power and reliability.

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Air-Cooled IGBT Stacks Short Facts

  • Off-the shelf product range
  • Air-cooled power assemblies
  • Maximum output current from 150A to 1500A
  • Customizable

Air-Cooled IGBT Stacks Key Features

  • Frame sizes ranging from 75kW up to 1.5MW
  • AC output voltage of up to 690VAC
  • Current measurement accuracy <1%
  • Analogue measurements or CAN monitoring for Theatsink, Vbus, Iout
  • Forced-air cooled platform
  • For 300mm cabinet
  • UL1741 1500V ready

Air-Cooled IGBT Stacks Applications

The SEMIKUBE platform is optimised for general-purpose inverters and central solar inverters. Designed for the most commonly used PV central inverter ratings on the market, i.e. 500kW, 670kW up to as much as 1200kW, the SEMIKUBE 3-phase inverter operates at up to 1500VDC bus voltage. Designed in accordance with IEC 62109, the platform is set to obtain UL recognition. The SEMIKUBE family complies with most AC drives application requirements. The current measurement precision of 1% (at 25°C) allows for premium motor control as required in highly dynamic applications and motion control systems.

Air-Cooled IGBT Stacks Product Range

The SEMIKUBE platform comes in four frame sizes for continuous rated currents ranging from 150A to 1500A and features SEMITRANS 1200V and 1700V IGBT Trench E4 modules. The SEMIKUBE design is optimised for 3-phase inverter topologies. A dedicated rectifier with 3-phase inverter and optional brake chopper can be added. The IGBTs are controlled by a SEMIKRON embedded driver for error management, and analogue outputs for current, DC voltage and heatsink temperature. For the SEMIKUBE SlimLine a CAN interface is available for parameter configuration and diagnostics monitoring. Air cooling is provided by highly efficient long-life axial and radial fans, achieving maximum power within a compact package. SEMIKUBE is a versatile product, allowing for converter designs around a common DC link, including four quadrant converters, multiphase converters and a 1500V inverter for central solar power systems. Thanks to its optimised layout, the platform integrates state-of-the-art hybrid SiC and full SiC modules, extending the SEMIKUBE Slimline portfolio.


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