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SKiiP® Benefits

SKiiP is the most powerful IPM in the market. The power semiconductors used in SKiiP 4 and SKiiP X modules can be operated up to a junction temperature of 175°C. To make sure these components can be reliably used at these temperatures, the interconnection of the power circuitry of sintered products is 100% solder-free. In sintering technology, the chips are firmly connected to the ceramic substrate by a silver layer instead of a solder layer, which typically limits the service life of power modules at an earlier point in time. The resulting connections established by sintering technology are by far more reliable concerning active and passive thermal cycling.

The integrated gate drivers in the SKiiP 4 and SKiiP X set new standards in terms of reliability and functionality. The digital driver guarantees safe isolation between the primary and secondary side for both switching signals and parameter measurement. This means the user no longer has to introduce complex and costly circuit components to provide safety isolation.  The SKiiP X comes with calibrated paralleled power stages to help reducing external current unsymmetries to a minimum. Furthermore, the new BladeLock function of the SKiiP X ensures  service only by authorized personnel. After a change of the modular power stage, the SKiiP X will only resume operation  after a SW activation hold by authorized service personnel. 

SKiiP® Product Family

SKiiP® 3/4 

The plug-and-play compatible SKiiP® 3/4 intelligent power modules offer a 4-in-1 solution with integrated driver, semiconductor, cooling and sensors as well the standardised SKiFace interface.

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SKiiP® X

With the new SKiiP X, SEMIKRON is setting a new standard regarding robustness, reliability, performance and cost. Those features are mandatory in state-of-the-art power system architectures used by the wind energy or marine propulsion drives industry.

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SKiiP® Key Features

  • Integrated driver, semiconductor and cooling
  • Integrated temperature measurement
  • Integrated current sensors (SKiiP 3, SKiiP 4)
  • Integrated DC-Link monitoring (SKiiP 3, SKiiP 4)
  • 100% solder-free (SKiiP 4, SKiiP X optional)
  • Ca. 70% less volume: 3.3MW 4-Q inverter in a single cabinet (SKiiP X)

SKiiP® Applications

SKiiP meets the requirements specifically for wind turbines in a power range of 0.5 to 6MW in an outstanding way. Besides wind power applications, SKiiP 3 and SKiiP 4 modules can also be found in elevators, solar power and railway applications – in fact, in any application where powerful, safe and reliable Intelligent Power Modules are a must have.

SKiiP® Product Range

SKiiP IPMs are available in half-bridge and 6-pack topologies in power ratings up to 6MW. The cooling varies from water to air-cooled systems and customized cooling in SKiiP 3/4.

A wide range of accessories is now available for both SKiiP 3 and SKiiP 4. These include optical interface boards, paralleling boards for SKiiP systems and adapter boards to connect SKiiP 4 to SKiiP 3 controller.

SKiiP® IPM Modules

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