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SKAI® Benefits

The SKAI power electronic platform – now in its 2nd generation – comprises highly integrated motor controllers which provide the ideal powertrain solution for mobile electric and hybrid applications. Power densities of up to 20 kVA / liter provide a notable size reduction compared with other available standard motor controller products. The systems are designed to operate with supply voltages of 24V up to 800V and with output power ratings of up to 250 kVA. The IGBT-based SKAI 2 HV motor controller operates on sintered 100% solder-free 600V or 1200V power semiconductors and it features polypropylene film DC-link capacitors. The MOS-based SKAI 2 LV motor controller uses the established SkiiP technology with a very low-inductance connection to the DC-link capacitors, driver electronics, latest generation DSP controller, current, voltage and temperature sensors. It is integrated in a waterproof IP67 enclosure. The compact motor controllers withstand high vibration amplitudes up to 10g rms. SKAIware motor control software functionally complements the system and  completes this tried-and-tested package. SEMIKRON provides engineering services to support customers in the integration of the SKAI 2 motor controller systems. Available services include, for instance, lifetime estimation, field application support, individual parameterization of motor control software etc.

SKAI® Key Features

  • Compact integration in IP 67 enclosure
  • Voltage, current and temperature sensors
  • Gate driver with protection
  • IGBT/ MOSFET power semiconductors
  • Fully programmable digital signal processor
  • EMI filters
  • Versatile cooling system (liquid cooled, forced air cooled, base plate)
  • DC link capacitors
  • Motor control software

SKAI® Applications

The SKAI 2 “off-the-shelf” power electronic building block family has been introduced to cover a broad range of vehicle electrification applications. Examples are electric drivetrains with standardized motor/generator flanges to fit or retrofit the drives easily into existing vehicle designs. These types of drivetrains have been developed for many vehicle types, i.e. buses, light trucks, agriculture and construction machinery as well as marine applications or cars.

SKAI® Product Range

There are versatile SKAI 2 HV “off-the-shelf” variants available. The SKAI 2 LV is available as single or dual motor controller for supply voltages between 24V and 115V. Cooling methods are liquid, forced air cooling or base plate. There are different optional services available like end-of-line flashing of customer specific software, lifetime estimation based on application profile analysis, field application support, individual parameterization of motor control software and further services on request.

SKAI® Systems

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