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SEMITRANS® 20 – 3.3 kV, 450A / Half-bridge

The SEMITRANS 20 overcomes the limits of conventional medium voltage module concepts and provides a new design approach for inverters in applications such as transportation, industrial drives and grid infrastructure. Optimised for the medium voltage market with the latest 3.3kV IGBTs, the SEMITRANS 20 is designed as a half bridge configuration featuring a build-in temperature sensor and opposite DC and AC power terminals. Compared to conventional modules, the stray inductance is reduced by up to 75%, thus providing higher operational safety and easy paralleling. The new SEMITRANS 20 allows a higher degree of scalability and flexibility in medium voltage inverter design. The standardised package meets the increasing demands for lower cost, higher efficiency and durability for power electronics in industry, transportation and infrastructure.

    SEMITRANS® 20 Key Features

    • Medium voltage standard package
    • Latest 3.3kV N-channel F-IGBT
    • Low inductance
    • 450A half-bridge
    • Scalable and flexible building blocks
    • Easy paralleling

    New standard medium voltage package

    • 3.3 kV N-channel F-IGBT with low Vce and Eoff
    • 450A half-bridge (2 in 1 configuration)
    • Build-in temperature sensor

    Low inductance and easy paralleling

    • 75% lower stray inductance using two half-bridges in parallel instead of two conventional singel switches in series
    • Opposing AC and DC connectors for easy paralleling
    • More over-voltage safety

    Scalable building

    • Low inductance DC links
    • Flexibility by easy paralleling
    • Easy to scale output power