Leading Edge Technology & Close to our Customers

The various power electronics markets share common goals: the demand low power losses while at the same time getting increased performance from more compact products. To make sure these requirements, which our customers are also facing, can be met, our goal at SEMIKRON is to create an "Atmosphere of Innovation".

Being a self-financed family business, we believe in long-term thinking. Our great advantage is that we push the envelope in research - this makes us strong. One of the key prerequisites for smart solutions is the constant and personal contact with our customers, because the best developments are those that work in practice.

In the fields of modules & systems, SEMIKRON defines the international power electronics market. We have pursued, and will continue to pursue, our drive to be the technology leader. SEMIKRON produces power electronics components and systems primarily in the medium output range (approx. 2 kW up to 10 MW). We are packaging specialists. We offer a broad product portfolio, ranging from chips, discrete, diode, thyristor and IGBT power modules all the way to systems and stacks.

Our corporate philosophy also includes appreciation for every single employee and the drive to offer the people who work for SEMIKRON an interesting and long term work place.

Today, we think about your markets of tomorrow. And beyond.