SK 35 DGD 12 T4 Tp

IGBT Modules
SEMITOP 4 Press-Fit (61x55x12)

Part Number 24919891
Product Status In production new
Housing SEMITOP 4 Press-Fit (61x55x12)
(LLxBBxHH) 61x55x12
Switches Customer Specific
VCES in V 1200
ICnom in A 35
Technology IGBT 4 (Trench)

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SEMIKRON SEMITOP 4 Press-Fit (61x55x12)
SEMIKRON DGD-T Customer Specific


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SK 35 DGD 12 T4 Tp Features

  • One screw mounting module
  • Solder free mounting with Press-Fit terminals
  • Fully compatible with other SEMITOP® Press-Fit types
  • Improved thermal performances by aluminium oxide substrate
  • Trench4 IGBT technology
  • CAL4F technology FWD
  • Integrated NTC temperature sensor
  • UL recognized, file no. E 63 532

SK 35 DGD 12 T4 Tp Target Applications

  • Motor drives

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