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SEMITOP® E1/E2 – Up to 55KW

SEMITOP 2nd generation is a platform centered around modules with a height of 12mm, without baseplate, with two lateral mounting screws and press-fit pins. SEMITOP E1 and E2 have been developed to offer an alternative to the consolidated standard industrial packages in order to ensure customers’ supply chain safety. The new packages represent the natural evolution of the SEMITOP platform at the same high performance levels. SEMITOP Gen.1 and Gen.2 are both available concurrently.

SEMITOP® E1/E2 Benefits

SEMITOP E1 and SEMITOP E2 represent the second SEMITOP generation to offer an alternative to the consolidated standard industrial packages. The new module generation has been developed to answer the demanding customer need to have a safe supply chain. The new product features a low inductance design, 12mm height, technology without baseplate and two lateral mounting screws, coupled with a pin grid philosophy which terminals are suitable for solder-free assembly. The chip layout is designed to optimise the thermal spreading and so to enhance the thermal performance. The pin grid philosophy allows to place power and auxiliary terminals anywhere, with two main benefits: flexibility and compact design.

In fact, pins can be placed according to customer needs to allow easier PCB routing thanks to the high availability of terminal holes. Pins can also be placed very close to chips to implement very short connections in order to achieve compact layouts for the required configuration with very low internal stray inductance. All these characteristics make the SEMITOP 2nd generation a fully compatible platform with the existing standard industrial packages, providing an extremely flexible architecture. This new platform can fit the latest Si and SiC chip technologies in order to offer a competitive platform and thus address the requirement for power modules in a demanding environment where high performance, innovation and differentiation are the key winning factors. SEMITOP E1 and E2 are therefore set to offer optimised footprint, flexible architecture and high performing solutions at optimised system cost.

SEMITOP® E1/E2 Key Features

  • Low stray inductance case
  • Two lateral mounting screw concept
  • Press-fit terminals
  • Module with 12mm height
  • No baseplate

SEMITOP® E1/E2 Applications

SEMITOP E1 and E2 feature a cost effective design requiring only two screws to mount. This new product generation is designed for the low and medium power range up to 55kW, thus covering the same power level of the existing and consolidated platform like SEMITOP 1, 2, 3, 4 (solder and press-fit). The ability to offer a compact and low inductance design, coupled with the latest chip technologies, makes the two platforms suitable for different markets like UPS, solar, motor drives, power supplies and the new emerging EV battery charger market.

SEMITOP® E1/E2 Product Range

Large variety of configurations is possible inside SEMITOP E1 and E2, from standard electrical configuration to tailor made solutions to address the different market requirements:

  • Neutral clamp topology (NPC-MLI) up to 150A/650V with H5 IGBT technology (standard and L5 type)
  • T-type 3-level configuration (TNPC-TMLI) 200A/1200V fast Trench4 IGBT technology in the half-bridge leg
  • 3-phase inverter up to 75A/650V
  • CIB configurations (converter-inverter-brake) up to 35A/1200V

Comprehensive portfolio for 2-level and 3-level applications

Nominal IGBT current [A]
  • 3-phase inverter up to 75A/650V, 75A/1200V
  • CIB configurations up to 50A/650V, 35A/1200V
  • NPC 3-level inverter with the latest high performing IGBT generations, up to 150A/650V
  • T-type 3-level inverter up to 200A/1200V IGBT Trench fast generation

Optimal thermal performance

Thermal resistance Rth,j-s [K/W]
  • Optimised module design for the best thermal footprint
  • Effective heat spreading for enhanced thermal performance
  • Longer lifetime for enhanced reliability

Product Portfolio

  • Two housings on offer for a complete alternative to the industrial standard
  • SEMITOP E1: 62.8mm x 33.8mm x 12mm (LxWxH)
  • SEMITOP E2: 62.8mm x 56.7mm x 12mm (LxWxH)
HousingType designationTopologyVCES [V] (H/NP)*IC,nom [A]Additional features
SEMITOP E2SK200TMLI12F4TE2T-type 3-Level1200/650V200
SEMITOP E2SK150MLI07L5TD1E23-Level inverter650150H5/L5 IGBT technology
SEMITOP E2SK100MLI07L5TD1E23-Level inverter650100H5/L5 IGBT technology
SEMITOP E2SK75GD07E3ETE26-pack inverter65075
SEMITOP E2SK75GD07YETE26-pack inverter650752nd source IGBT
SEMITOP E1SK50GD07E3ETE16-pack inverter65050
SEMITOP E1SK50GD07YETE26-pack inverter650502nd source IGBT
SEMITOP E2SK35DGDL12T4ETE2CIB converter120035

* H = half bridge leg; NP: neutral point leg. For T-type 3-Level inverter only