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SEMITOP® E1/E2 – Up to 70kW

SEMITOP E1/E2 is a 12-mm-high module platform with two lateral mounting screws, press-fit pins and no baseplate. SEMITOP E1 and E2 offer an alternative to the consolidated industry standard packages right down to chip level for supply chain security. The SEMITOP platform delivers enhanced module performance and the low-inductance case makes it possible to integrate the latest high-performance Si and SiC chips.

SEMITOP® E1/E2 Benefits

SEMITOP E1 and SEMITOP E2 are the answer to the customer demand for supply chain security. But SEMITOP E is more than that: it is a full multiple source solution. From the package perspective, because it offers a 100% compatible alternative to the consolidated industry standard packages. From the chipset perspective because it allows for the use of chips from different suppliers with the same performance for maximum flexibility. SEMITOP E1 and E2 is therefore an important component in the SEMIKRON commodity portfolio.

The platform features a low-inductance design, 12mm height, technology without baseplate and two lateral mounting screws, coupled with a pin grid philosophy with press-fit terminals for solder-free assembly. The pin grid philosophy means the power and auxiliary terminals can be placed anywhere, with two main benefits: flexibility and compact design.

This flexible pin placement is in line with the customer need for easy PCB routing and allows for the commutation inductance to be optimised to values less than 10nH. This makes the platform suitable for the latest Si and SiC technologies, especially for fast switching devices, in turn addressing the need for power modules in demanding environments where high performance, innovation and differentiation are the key winning factors. The chip layout has been optimised to ensure the best possible thermal spreading, in doing so enhancing thermal performance. SEMITOP E1 and E2 are therefore set to offer optimised footprint, flexible architecture, multiple chip sources, and cost-optimised high-performance solutions.

SEMITOP® E1/E2 Key Features

  • Low stray inductance case
  • Multiple sourcing right down to chip level
  • Optimised footprint
  • Flexible architecture
  • 2-screw concept
  • Press-fit terminals
  • 12mm module height
  • No baseplate

SEMITOP® E1/E2 Applications

SEMITOP E1 and E2 are designed for the low and medium-power range of up to 70kW, thus covering, completing and enhancing the power level of SEMITOP 1,2,3,4. The ability to facilitate a compact and low-inductance designs, coupled with the latest chip technologies, makes SEMITOP E1 and E2 suitable for different markets such as UPS, solar (incl. up to 1500VDC bus for string inverter solutions), motor drives, power supplies, and the new emerging EV battery charger market.

SEMITOP® E1/E2 Product Range

A large variety of configurations is possible inside SEMITOP E1 and E2, from standard electrical configurations to tailor-made solutions that address the different market requirements:

  • 3-level Neutral Point Clamp configuration (NPC) up to 150A/650V featuring H5/L5/S5 TrenchStop 5 IGBT technology
  • Split neutral clamp technology 150A/1200V IGBT4 for 1500V DC bus applications
  • 3-level T-type Neutral Point Clamp configuration (TNPC) 200A/1200V high-speed IGBT 4 technology in the half-bridge leg
  • 3-phase inverter up to 75A/650V and 75A/1200V
  • CIB configurations (converter-inverter-brake up to 50A/600V and 35A/1200V
  • Custom configurations on request


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SEMITOP® Full SiC Modules

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Industrial Standard Combined with Superior Performance

Broad product portfolio

Nominal IGBT current [A]
  • Comprehensive portfolio for 2-level and 3-level applications
  • Full compatibility with industry standard packages
  • Flexibility in layout design to fit even the most complex configurations
  • Flexibility in application design with alternative chip sources

State-of-the-art product

State-of-the-art product
  • Latest Si and SiC technology
  • Low-inductance design
  • Considerable design flexibility
  • Optional snubber capacitor

Exceeding the standard

Thermal resistance Rth,j-s in K/W
  • Optimised module design for ultimate thermal footprint
  • Effective heat spread for improved thermal performance
  • Longer lifetime for tighter reliability requirements
  • Suitable for very fast switching applications thanks to very low-inductance layouts